Human Rights Awareness

Thursday, March 21, 2013
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Frey Hall 110
Event Type
Chapel - Alternate
Johnathan Hershey

This alternate chapel would like to represent the faith traditions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity on the topic of justice. We desire to engage students in conversation with other faiths because exposure to other beliefs is helpful to breaking barriers and creating greater community. We think a conversation on justice is important and beneficial because all three faith traditions hold a position on this matter. The different faith traditions will be discussing how they react to situations of injustice, as well as how we should work harmoniously with members of other faiths. Speakers will address how they define justice in regards to their faith, justice related challenges within their religion, and what issues all faiths can work on together. Speakers include members of the community - Samia Malik from the Central PA Chapter of Council of American-Islamic Relations, and Carl Choper of the Religion and Society Center and Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg, as well as a faculty member of Messiah who is yet to be named. Members of Human Rights Awareness, of the Agape Center, will be facilitating the panel/question and answer and discussion afterward.

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