Caught in the Crosshairs: The Chr. Cmnty in Syria

Monday, November 04, 2013
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Boyer Hall 131
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Chapel - Alternate
Anne Marie Stoner-Eby

Caught in the Crosshairs: The Christian Community in Syria

A. J. Nolte will discuss Christianity in Syria, the contributions of Christian communities to the health and flourishing of their societies, and the crisis Christian communities face in the wake of the Arab Spring in general and the civil war in Syria in particular. This topic raises lots of questions related to peace and conflict, as well as challenging questions for Christians in the foreign policy community. The Q&A period will be facilitated by a faculty member in the PACS or Politics Dept. Nolte, a Messiah alum, is currently a Project Associate at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He joined the Center's Religious Freedom Project at the beginning of October 2012, after two years as a research assistant at the Center for Complex Operations, National Defense University. Previously, he worked for Ideal Innovations, a defense contracting firm based in Arlington, Virginia. Currently a Ph.D. candidate in world politics at the Catholic University of America (CUA), Nolte obtained his M.A. from CUA in 2009. He received a B.A. in politics from Messiah College in 2006 and studied at Oxford University’s Wycliffe Hall while at Messiah. 

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