Improving the Odds

Thursday, November 15, 2012
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Frey 110
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Chapel - Alternate
Alyssa White

Improving the Odds

Girls, Guys and Good Communication

Presented by Jennifer Ransil and Paul Johns

This program will address healthy and unhealthy gender-related communication patterns with an emphasis on avoiding pitfalls and enhancing knowledge and skills. The focus will be on connecting with the experiences of students as men and women, providing an opportunity for them to reconsider their approaches to interpersonal communication. The facilitators will share personal and professional examples, incorporating biblical communication and relationship principles when applicable.


·         Cover basic/general communication skills acknowledging gender patterns

·         Share personal and professional examples (healthy and unhealthy) throughout presentation

·         Discuss contributing factors to the breakdown of healthy communication (e.g., four horsemen, poor listening habits, etc.; acknowledge differences in relationship stages)

·         Share some ‘golden nuggets’ related to healthy communication between the genders, including applicable Christian/biblical principles

·         Touch on computer/technology mediated communication

·         Q/A

Cardreader: [A]
ORG: [MCC on Family Relations]

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